Hey Mama – You are Absolutely Amazing

If there is one thing I have learned from 2020, it’s that even the best laid plans end up going sideways. But I’ve also learned that we as moms are absolutely resilient, even when we don’t feel as though we are.

That’s right, mama, you are absolutely amazing.

All of these thoughts came to me as I was in the shower yesterday. Let’s face it, I am one of those mamas who has about five minutes to spare for a shower, so I ALWAYS forget to bring something in there with me. Whether it’s a towel, my turbie twist, or a new razor. Nothing like being the frazzled forgetful mama, right?

Well yesterday, I thought I had it all together. I grabbed a new bar of soap, a towel, a brand new body scrub AND a new razor. Whew! I was on top of my s@*#!

Newsflash: I Wasn’t On Top of My s@*#

What I didn’t realize  was that I was out of shampoo and the new bottle was all the way in my room! UGH!

A simple call out to the hubby and I was back in the game, but this got me thinking about how sometimes we think we have it all planned out, only to be thrown a curve ball at the last minute.

And I am pretty sure 2020 is bigger than any curve ball we could have ever imagined. Nothing like a global pandemic to throw a wrench into every plan you’ve had.

A Slew of Cancellations

You know that big family vacation you’ve been saving all year for? Cancelled.

That big birthday party you had planned for your son? Cancelled.

Your baby shower? Cancelled.

Your sister’s wedding? Yep – that was cancelled too.

And forget about your birth plan that included having your mom AND your husband in the room.

But we’ve learned to grow resilient in these times and to adjust our plans and our expectations – at least for the time being.

Big Adjustments

We’ve become Zoom Call EXPERTS.

We’ve learned a new vocabulary with phrases like “social distancing” and “virtual learning.”

We’ve stumbled through this working from home with screaming children in the background thing…with varied results and maybe a few war stories.

We’ve cancelled vacations that our souls craved so deeply and replaced them with backyard campouts and virtual roadtrips.

We’ve had drive-by birthday parties/parades instead of the perfect birthday parties we dreamed up for our children.

And we’ve said some things that would have never made sense in 2019, like “My mask is caught in my sunglasses” and “Should I be making sure my mask and my shirt match or is that, like, weird?”

As John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

You Are Absolutely Amazing!

Mamas, it’s been a hell of a year! And it’s only July.

So I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. Yes, you.

You may not always feel it, especially lately.

You may be hurting over not being able to have the “sending my child to kindergarten” experience you expected.

You may be upset that your sister’s wedding was cancelled and replaced with a Zoom broadcast of an elopement.

You may be craving a trip to Disney World or the Hawaiian Islands.

And your childbirth experience may have been altered completely.

But you’re making it through and you are stronger for it.

So I’ll say it again just in case no one has told you lately – Mama, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Apryl Evans

As a new mom and newlywed, I founded The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood for moms like myself to connect and remember that they too are STILL the Rockstars they always have been! When I'm not blogging, I am traveling throughout our beautiful country, watching Disney movies with my son and playing Country Music.

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